Navratri Nine Days of Worshipping Shakti


Once again the Hindu celebration of Navratri (meaning nine nights) is upon us. Nine days dedicated to the worship of the divine goddess Durga, Laxsmi and Saraswati the different forms of Shakti the primordial cosmic energy, the divine feminine creative power.

Shakti is the feminine energy power within us all. Navratri is a wonderful time for spiritual cleansing, guidance, enlightenment, meditation, fasting and yoga, to start you on your spiritual journey.

It is a time to awaken the Kundalini the dormant primordial energy residing in the mooladhara charka (Root charka).  Chakra yoga and Raja yoga is especially wonderful.

As with all Hindu celebrations Navratri is a colourful festival with beautiful music and dancing to embrace peace and love and send powerful energy through out the world.


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The Dharma Yoga Wheel



So this is my new yoga toy! I have been having some fun on this beauty but trust me it is not as easy as others make it look.  I still have a long way to go to perfect my moves with out causing any seriously dangerous bodily harm to myself or others!

Unless you have been on a mission to Mars you can not have missed all the Instagram and Facebook pictures of awesome asana poses people are posting.   So lets start with what is the Dharma yoga wheel?, Well its is the brainchild of Sri Dharma Mittra and his son Yogi Varun.

There are three sizes that I am aware of so make sure before you buy that you check and get the right size for your height. But there are alternatives to the Dharma Wheel out there check Amazon for Prices.

What are the benefits of using the wheel, well for one it helps to stretch and lengthen, strengthen and tone, great for balance (still learning!) but overall it is great to deepen your practice over time.

But I find that the great thing about this wheel is that you don’t have to be doing yoga to use the wheel it is beneficial to everyone just to gain flexibility, lengthen and tone.

So overall I think it is a great prop to have fun with! But I think I will leave the more intense poses to the experts!

World Elephant Day Saturday 12 August 2017


These amazing creatures are intellectual, they are family orientated and they have feelings just like you and I.

There is so much to love about elephants but still, countless elephants are brutally killed every year for their ivory by greedy poachers who then leave their carcasses to rot in the sun.

Lets support organisations in conservations to stop the brutal killing of these magnificent creatures and educate the children our present and future about conservation and their environment.

We have to be their voice; we have to make a stand for their protection. We as man are the greatest threat to this planet.

Show them Respect this is a beautiful trailer with wise words from the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.

Yoga for Peace.

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Millions around the globe celebrated the spirit of yoga.  But here in sunny London the United Nations 3rd International Yoga day was held in the iconic Trafalgar Square, London and what a truly amazing day it was.

Sessions were led by some of the leading experts in yoga and meditation.  People from all walks of life, gender and ages took part showing how yoga can bring unity, love, compassion and peace in our beautiful world.

“Have only love in your heart for others. The more you see the good in them, the more you will establish good in yourself…” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda


Time to Wake Up by Mia

Do you ever look back at something in the past and think  “I wish I did that differently!”  Or do you or have you ever compared yourself to someone else wishing you could be more like them,  feeling that you are not good enough.

I am sure we have all at some point done that and I am sure more than half of us still feel that, it’s just how our complex brain and emotions take flight in our bodies and bring out all our negitive self awareness.

What can we do about it?  Well there are many things to help us combat our low self esteem but to be honest its just like everything else in the world if we want something we
have to be determined and work hard for it.

For example my low self esteem started in my teen years and lasted for years.  I remember being in high school and was bullied for being skinny I know right!   I was a tiny size 6 and would eat like a horse I mean everything,  but it did not help  me to put weight on but instead gave me bad skin, loss of confidence and more emotional stress.  I looked at other girls and thought “why can I not be like them so pretty and confident”  But even moving on from high school, work was just as bad as the low confidence kept flowing through me and the emotional stress just built up like a huge barrier . I just did not feel I was good enough nor pretty enough so I become an introvert.  Kept my head down jumped when someone called my name out, tried to hide in the crowd hoping no one  would pay any attention to me.  It also did not help that I could not stop my parents from marrying me off at a young age as I had no confidence to speak up for myself and say No!.  Oh yes and the junk food, I kept eating it eventually caught up and weight piled on that did not help it felt like I was in a no win situation and I kept letting  this disease  go on eating me up without looking up, letting others make decision for me and taking control of my life telling me what I should do, what I should like, worse who I should talk to and who I should be friends with.

You know what it all came to ahead when I had open-heart surgery laying in hospital thinking what the hell just happened to me what have I done to my body what have I done to this gift of a precious life given to me.

It did not happen over night but with great dedication I started small steps.  I took the first steps going to the gym it was hard, I felt dam look at all those fit people
doing their thing wearing skimpy clothes and me well I looked like a whale.  But I got myself a really good trainer he motivated me pushed me helped me through the first hurdle.  Second food had become a comfort of some kind, I am sure many of you can relate to this, again I ditched all the fad diets and started again with the help of a wonderful Ayurveda teacher who helped not only with my eating habits but also my skin and body care,  and made me realise that what you put in your body shows in your skin and emotions.  For me I started with the basics food for my constitution as prescribe to me by my practitioner and you know what I still use it to this day when I need a good cleanse . Learning to have good relationship with food is so important.  Third this was the hardest for me letting go of negative people in my life but it needs to be done I got rid of the toxic from my body now I needed to get rid of the toxic from my life yep the so called friends and family.

“To succeed in life you must have the courage to be hated.”-The

You know what it was the most liberating thing I felt I had done in my life, I felt so cleansed, powerful but yet so peaceful, I actually spoke up for ME!  Wow! But most importantly I felt free.

Yoga and meditation has been the most important tools of letting go, I have been fortunate to travel and meet some of the worlds leading motivational and inspirational people who have all helped in some way in paving the path in which I see my life now.

The way I see life now is we are all born freely and gifted with a beautiful body that we must learn to accept, maintain and love.  Freedom to live our life the way we want is
up to us, learning to speak up and say NO! Is so important as well.

Know I see with new eyes more clearly and feel how precious the planet is, how precious
and fragile life is.  Do I look back at the past and wish if only I could change anything,
Truthfully now No!  You see if none if it had happened then I would not be here now.  The past happened for a reason the reason to me  is that it helped me wake up and helped me find the path to true peace through yoga and meditation.

If I can change my life so can anyone of us we just need to fight for ourselves and find what makes us, as individuals happy but most importantly believe in you, love you, believe you are important.

Love & Peace


“One day you will wake up and there wont be any more time to do the
things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.” –The Alchemist



Letting go of Summer Embrace Autumn/Winter by Mia

The summer light has now gone let’s embrace the beautiful
Autumn/Winter darkness with light.  I am
blessed to live surrounded by a magnificent forest so whilst doing my beautiful
calming morning meditation walks I get to see Mother Earth working her magic
daily and there is not better time to see the beauty in her when the seasons

“wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving”-Kahlil Gibran

I am a truly a summer
girl I love nothing better than the sea, sun and sand but I have a love/hate
relationship with Autumn and Winter but admittedly it is working it beauty into
my soul.  These are beautiful season
where all the colours change around you the wind blows through your hair
lifting your sprits the fresh autumnal air brings around change in seasons
where all sentinel beings prepare for change.  Wildlife is working hard to sustain through
out the harsh winter and prepare for spring.
Where plants and trees loose their finery to go bare and underground
only to spring up with their new finery in spring.  Humans embrace the time to snuggle, hot coco,
log fires, shopping spree for warm clothes for all you fashion lovers, Holidays
for all the beautiful humans that celebrate.
It’s cold but embrace the chill it’s exhilarating, the wind so
thrilling, the snow so cleansing, and the frost so enchanting.

 “what good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness- John Steinbeck

My personal effects with AutumnWinter have not been fun, I
have suffered with depression or commonly know as winter blues or S.A.D, but
with Yoga and Meditation I have worked through this fear of darkness and I have
embraced life, embraced nature, loving everything good and bad.  As the seasons changes so does our emotions
but to keep our emotions in check we most continue to workout, eat healthy to
ones constitution.  Get outside even if it’s
just a brisk walk let the adrenaline flow through your body putting a smile on
your face.

“its a new season.  A perfect opportunity to do something new something bold and beautiful!

Autumn and Winter is time for change to begin a new life
take it, make use of this time to let go, take this time to change your views
on life and yourself use it to become your true self not what other want to see
but what you want! LIFE STARTS ALL OVER AGAIN! For you only you.

Love Mother Nature, Love the wildlife around you! Become one
connected! Love our Planet! Love ourselves! Love one another!

Lets embrace the change see what you feel does your body,
mind and soul feel different are the seasons affecting you how?

Love & Peace

Mia x

  “Delious Autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, as if I were
a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns”- George Elliot

“Breath Control”

My journey with  Ujjayi Breath and kumbhaka by Mia.

“Control your breath and you can control your mind”

Breathing what a precious simple thing to do right? It’s the
norm”.  but do you realise just how important it is
even more so than food and water  we can
last a few weeks without food and a few days without water a few seconds with
out breathing.

But seriously listen to your breath, feel how it feels, do
you feel it? Are you in control?

“Breath is life” it’s the first thing we do when we are born
and the last thing we take when we die.

Our breath cycle:

I.             Inhale

II.            Pause – AK


IV.           Pause – BK

V.            Repeat


“When you know your own breath no one can still your peace” Unknow

I myself started to see the true affects of breath movement
through yoga and meditation.  There are
so many different types of paraynama breathing techniques which I will go into
depth in my next article but for now lets focus on what yogi’s call Ujjayi

“The Victiorious Breath,
The Ocean Breath, The Hissing Breath or simply Uijayi Breath.”

Ujjayi breath is usually done in with asana practice it is continuously
used to flow through the practice.   For me doing this breathing technique comes
naturally during yoga and helps me to ground and focus on each pose I have
better concentration ad better endurance I am able to breath in to the tight
spaces in my body to help release tension ad tightness combined all this helps
to enhance my practice. Yoga feels organic, fluid, and alive.

Whist doing this breathing in meditation it stills your mind
and helps you surrender and takes you into a deep serene abyss letting go of
all our egos.   But not only does Ujjayi
breathing benefit my yoga and meditation but also helps in everyday situations,
stress, insomnia and mental tension.



One of my wonderful yoga gurus thought me Kumbhaka, which basically
is a pause between inhalation and exhalation. Retaining
the breath after the inhalation is called Antar kumbhaka or ‘AK’ for short; and
holding the breath out after the exhalation Bāhya kumbhaka is the ‘BK .
In between both there is a very minute
gap of pause, one we do not even notice. But practicing my Ujjayi breath and
increasing my kumbhaka between each inhalation and exhalation has defiantly
given me more mind control and concentration increase.  Resting in Kumbhaka actually showed me that
this is part of our natural breathing in the rest of the pause I actually found
a profound sense of peace awareness and relaxation.  Kumbhaka actually lengthens our breath it
gives space, we are still but aware.  It
took me awhile to master this but kumbhaka should not be dedicated to the
breath but to enhance its length and quality, it should be held consciously and
softly like a delicate flower.  If you
are looking as I did for a focus that is beyond our normal experience, than the
pause after our exhalation is the one it has a special quality of its own still
healing delicate but yet strong and powerful.

But not all of this is available overnight just like
anything you want in life it takes a lot of practice, dedication, preservation
and  a good teacher will also help.  But with correct techniques Ujjayi breath will
both energies the mind body and sprit and will free your mind.  Combine it with Kombhaka  you are in a level of true bliss.


“Don’t take it for granted its never to late to learn to breath”

How to do Ujjayi

Take an inhalation that is
slightly deeper than normal. With your mouth closed, exhale through your nose
while constricting your throat muscles. If you are doing this correctly, you
should sound like Darth Vader from Star Wars.

Another way to get the hang of
this practice is to try exhaling the sound “haaaaah” with your mouth open. Now
make a similar sound with your mouth closed, feeling the outflow of air through
your nasal passages. Once you have mastered this on the outflow, use the same
method for the inflow breath, gently constricting your throat as you inhale.

Breath is the king of the Mind”-
Sri B.K.S Iyengar

#MILESTONE: World religions unite to #EndSlavery in this generation!


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My visit to see Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi- Amma at London Alexandra Place 2014 -by Mia.


I went to see Amma on the first day of her three day stopover in  London at Alexandra Place this was my first time.   I wanted to know more about this women and why she had a large following including world leaders and celebrities.  I had been following Amma and all her charity work that she has being doing and hearing so many stories  about this women who gives hugs and truly wanted to experience all this for myself on my spiritual journey of discovery.

I arrived at 6.00pm so glad I did had I known what to expect I would have been here earlier as there was so many people the queues went on for miles all here to see this one lady.  I felt quiet overwhelmed by  the amount of people here to see Amma,  I am talking from children, babies, the elderly, people with disabilities but the most amazing thing to see was people from so many different religions and backgrounds, there was this truly wonderful aurora that had brought us all together through spirituality, there was no religion or difference in one being to the other we were all one!!  Was that Amma’s intention I wondered.

This was shown as I sat down in the queue talking to people everyone was on such a high, eager to experience the evening but I wanted to know why they were here what  they all expected from this evening.  It came down to the same as me Spiritual journey and teachings they all just like me wanted to find that path that journey and experience the love and devotion of one women who is giving so much of herself selflessly  for others.  There were so many people who had been following Amma’s journey around the world and had been to her ashram in India hearing their stories their experiences it showed  the love the happiness  the joy in their eyes from what they had experienced and the love and admiration they had for Amma they all felt that being in her presence had changed their lives.  Ok was keeping my mind open!!

As the doors to the great hall opened slowly we were all ushered in and given tokens for darshna, and shown to our seats I was pleased that I had a more or less front row seat with a good view my token was K1 which meant I would have a long wait tonight to receive my darshna.  As Amma was not expected until 7.30pm I had time to wonder around there were food stalls selling delicious south Indian food so I indulged and then I wondered the stalls selling gifts,  all profits go the organisations that Amma supports so all for a good cause.  A beautiful bracelet with the Sanskrit wording “Om namah shivaya”   caught my eye just had to have it the lady behind the counter told me when you go to get your darshna Amma will bless the bracelet for you,  how wonderful I thought!  Sitting in my seat I took a good look around amazed at how many people had come I felt overwhelmed, the volunteers where absolutely wonderful they would come over and talked you through what to expect throughout the night asking if you had any questions of course I did! They were more than pleased to help.

Amma arrived at little after 7.30pm it was truly a wonderful sight I don’t know what I expected but  seeing her with the most biggest brightest smile on her face hi- fiving her way to the stage I felt the warmth radiation throughout the room.  Amma was welcomed onstage by three dignitaries Lord Andrew Stone of the House of Lords, Ms. Scilla Elworthy peace activist and founder Rising Women, Rising World, the Oxford Research Group and Peace Direct and Academy Award-winning film director Alfonso Cuarón.

After Amma address the crowd by giving a truly inspirational spiritual talk, it really dawned on me just how much this one women had done and what she still was aspiring to conquer through her love and devotion, she  is not just trying to conquer one disease in this world but the whole package from conservation to humanitarian work her list is endless.  What I took form her speech was it matter what you do and what you give,  however small and insignificant it may feel  it’s a start, but it’s also how you deliver it.  For me I would have to say with  love, compassion and forgiveness.

After her talk devotional sing started you do not have to understand the language it’s the chanting the music it was hypnotic and calming everyone in the hall swayed and chanted with the beat  Amma sang with so much passion it was truly beautiful and mesmerizing.  Meditation followed being in a room with so many people  I thought to myself well there is no way I will be able to meditate but after the singing meditation was blissful I felt elevated and in my own self truly amazing.  Waiting for darshna I sat back thinking to myself what just happened I felt so calm but emotional at the same time.  The wait was long into the early hours of the morning but no one seemed to care or be in hurry we all sat around talking or quietly just enjoying the moment.  My turn came to go on stage wow the emotions and questions going on in my mind what was I going to experience with one hug??  I was told by one of the volunteers to kneel down next to Amma to receive my darshna Amma reached out for me and embraced me warmth, calmness, peace, my mind went blank there was nothing there I felt like I was floating she whispered a blessing in my ear I did not understand it but I do not want to as whatever it was made an emotional gate open up in me.  As I got up to leave she took me back into her embrace and whispered some more before handing me a sweet and rose petal.  As I moved on and sat on the stage next to her I watched her embrace all the other hundreds of people, I felt a tear escape,  I took a deep breath and let a long one out I felt release,  I felt whole,  I felt peace deep within me,  I felt so much happiness so much energy I did not want to leave but leave I must as I had a long journey ahead of me.

Taking one last look at Amma I took a deep breath and smiled yes this was truly an amazing women  I had read so much about her but to truly know what others have felt I am so glad to have experienced this for myself,  my discovery for me!   This women has given so much she will sit there and not leave until she had hugged each and everyone who has come to see her giving each one her blessing.  She has a big heart with so much compassion.  So many people in this society do not want to display physical emotions,  but a hug speaks a thousand words just a small jester will light up a face bringing peace and joy with it.

To reflect what  have I learnt if anything from this experiences well yes change starts within oneself no matter how small, try to make the world a better place,  see others,  it’s not “me” it should be “we”, show compassion, forgive, give and you will receive peace,  spread love and joy.  I intend to follow up on more of Amma’s teaching and hopefully one day will be able to visit her ashram in India.

Now for the long journey home and to make those small changes.



“Within you, immense knowledge is waiting for your permission to unfold. But it won’t happen unless you allow it to. — Amma”

“My Dream:- A vision of a world in which women and men progress together, a world in which all men respect the fact that, like the two wings of a bird, women and men are of equal value.” – Amma

“My Desire: Everyone in the world should be able to sleep without fear, at least for one night. Everyone should be able to eat to his fill, at least for one day. There should be at least one day when hospitals see no one admitted due to violence”. – Amma



Meditation Yoga and Diwali by Mia

What is the Diwali to you??  Is it  honoring the return of the Lord Rama and  Sita from exile as told in the Ramayan or the return of the Panadavs from their exile as told in theMahabharat or the celebration of Laxahmi the wife of Vishu for wealth and prosperity or is it how many more  lights you have  burning in your house than your neighbors or how much more wealth  you have acquired than your fellow friend.

To me  Diwali is “light” which dispels the darkness of our ignorance, it is a festival of the light which shows us the way through our journey in life.

Diwali is not to glorify the amount of candles you burn, or the biggest brightest firework you use.  The purpose is to glorify the light of God.  “ it is he who bestows the real light, the everlasting light upon the darkness of this mundane world.”

A candle will burns out.  A firework is a moments visual experience. But the candle of a still mind and the fireworks of a heart filled with love, joy, peace and bhakti are divine and eternal these are what we should be celebrating.

Where does Meditation and Yoga come into this (“well”):

Lord Ram he is the master of the bow and arrow,  the bow represents the head and spine, within which are found seven knowledge centres also known as chakras. The arrow represents a straight line, which is a symbol for infinity.  Lord Ram therefore, had realized the presence of infinite power within the chakras situated in the head and spine.

In the fourteen years of lord Ram exile does not necessarily mean living in the forest (well exile is generally considered being kicked out of the Kingdom and living in the forest!!).  But in spiritual text  the Kingdom means the place and existence of organs of senses and organs of actions, structure and function of blind mind and reasoning power. (For you guys you who still don’t understand let me put it in better terms; closing off to everyday life, giving your mind a rest, getting out the of the cluster of your everyday prison,  just for awhile! Yep this is me saying getting out the city going to the country!!)  Going out of the Kingdom means shifting our concentration from sensory response to the spiritual centre (seven chakras) within the head and the spinal cord. The area within head and spinal cord is called  the forest (van) (As you can see the resembles mind and forest cluttered!!).  Thus, 14 yrs exile means 14 yrs of practice of concentration on head and spine to reach within spiritual magnetic aura of seven chakras. This practice transforms all evil (rakshas) into angelic tendencies    (devtas). Thus Lord  Ram demonstrated great science of spirituality that is nothing but Kriyayoga Meditation to all people of that time!  Obviously we do not need to spend 14 years in exile to meditate!   Only 10-15 minutes of Pranayama (Breath control) and Meditation can change your life!

Yoga and Diwali

Yoga is not limited to this but I just love this aspect of Kundalini Yoga to Diwali:

The way this is interpreted from a Kundalini Yoga perspective is:

Rama is the soul.

Lakshman is concentration.

Sita is Kundalini Shakti

Ravana is Ego

Hanuman is Prana

Lanka is the Root Chakra

So from the above the true meaning of the Ramayana is that the Soul (Rama) needs to use Lakshman (Concentration) to harness the power of Prana (Hanuman) in order to defeat the ego (Ravana) and liberate Kundalini Shakti (Sita) from the Root Chakra (Lanka).


On this day, Lakshmi showers Her blessings on the heads of mankind the rich and the poor  alike

Deepa” meaning light and “Aavali” meaning arrays.

“May the light shine apon you and may you all find peace and share the love within with all you meet!!”

Happy Diwali


Mia x

“Close your eyes. Withdraw the senses. Fix the mind on this supreme light and enjoy the real Deepavali, by attaining illumination of the soul. The light of lights, the self-luminous inner light of the Self is ever shining steadily in the chamber of your heart.  Breath deep and exhale slowly be the change you want to see!!!”

I hope this helps you  to meditate and close off to clutter and embrace the power within!! These girls are awesome!!

Peace and Love

Mia x